Aerobatic Training

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Aerobatic Instructor Course - $3000


A program for flight instructors wanting to learn to properly teach aerobatics. Developed to inspire instructors to receive formal training and set a higher standard in aerobatics. We will share our proven techniques and carefully developed programs for building better aerobatic pilots. A great opportunity to better hone your aerobatic skills and teach competently. The flying may be done from the instructor’s perspective in the back seat of the Decathlon.


  • 2-days/4-flight lessons
  • Extensive ground school and preparation for each flight
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE with two nights stay in a private room at Sky Country Lodge
  • Includes all fresh cooked meals-drinks-taxes
  • Includes curricula and course materials



Things you can add to any of these courses:


  • Add additional flights to any course for $400/lesson
  • You can bring a spouse for $50 (to cover meals, drinks, etc)
  • You can add an additional stay for $150/night (all-inclusive)
  • Use your own plane for a $50/flight discount
  • Fly here in your own plane with no hangar or tiedown fees
  • Get necessary fuel at our wholesale price.
  • Use all equipment (headsets, chutes, etc.) at no charge

Sky Country Lodge is your classroom and vacation haven when you train with Greg Koontz! Accommodations are included in most packages.


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